Monday, November 1, 2010

6 months Annivesary

3:27am 02062010

Didn't really think I will write a blog. Just returned from EZ50s.
Here in my room, I could not stop wondering what went wrong. Every little things that I did reminded me of her.

From changing my glasses (which we bought in Parkway Parade for 89$), to driving past her home where the familiar Bangladesh man will wash my car, wearing the striped boxer shorts and lying on the bed, and checking every moment what her comments were in the MSN and Facebook.

Here I am, weeping again. This has become a relationship that I want so much to make it happen.

There are so many things to say, so many words I want to express to say how i really feel now.

Never once did I really felt this relationship was going down the drain. Never once did I feel that I am not cut out to make it work. I cannot help it but her face keeps flashing across my mind. Never have I felt this before after so many years.

I pray to god - that if he is listening to me, to give this relationship a helping hand. I hope that god can give us both the strength to make it thru and live our lives happily. 

She will be busy with work and studies this November. Never do I want to give her the extra stress and worry. I really hope that I can have her talk to me and even send me simple MSN. "You dun love me anymore. You changed.."

I can't speak to anybody without breaking down and I hope that I can express what I am feeling now by writing all this down. I do not know if I will get the chance to be considered back into this relationship, but I really pray to god that I will be back in her arms again.

This BLOG was not meant to be shared. Just hope to record it down somewhere so that I can show her how I really cherish this relationship and I really do love her.

Happy Anniversary Dear....